Questions and Advice

Hi all!

Please feel free to ask me anything in the comments section of this page. Remain anonymous if you would like. I’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions about myself and my life, or give you some advice if you should want some. Ask me about anything, share your experiences, this is a page that I would like to use to interact with all of you. 

I will copy your question into this section on my page and will type my answer underneath! If you post a question in the comments section, keep a look out for my answer! I’ll work on keeping this section as updated as I can. 

Remember, you are NEVER alone. There are people who care about you, usually a lot more than you think. YOU are IMPORTANT

Much love guys. ❤


2 thoughts on “Questions and Advice

  1. I am a new blogger and I am loving it! ♥ I started with instagram and have pretty good following there. My question is how do you spread the word about your blog? I have been using a ton of social media but I wondered if you had any advice, dos/donts etc. 😀


    • My best advice is honestly to make sure that your blog comes from your heart. There are so many people who just blog book reviews, but you need to make it your own. That’s why I have an advice section, a “Recesses of Heart” post (becoming a feature soon!) and all of the other pages I do. It makes it fun for me and I realized that by doing this, I can actually help people. That’s the best reward in the world. So stay true to who you are and what you honestly want to blog about. Think out of the box and follow your heart! And in reality, everyone loves free things! Giving away a book or two that you have will always help. 😉 Keep at it, keep sharing it on social media during times everyone else is on, and be yourself! You’re a sweetheart as is, so sooner or later, everyone will see that too! =)


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