Sailor Moon x Truthwitch = Moon Witch?

It’s no secret that I am in love with Sailor Moon and Truthwitch and Windwitch by Susan Dennard.  It’s also widely known that Susan also loves Sailor Moon, which is why I decided to cross the two and write this blog post.  The idea actually came to me when I posted these two Instagram photos for a book photo challenge.

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From there I proceeded to tell Sooz that while I chose Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask for Safi and Merik respectively, I didn’t agree that they matched up based on their personalities.  I started spewing out the novel’s characters and their Sailor Moon counterparts, but I think I confused Sooz, since apparently I know more about the Sailor Moon universe beyond Dark Kingdom. Which brings me to my post where I attempt to match up characters from the series with their Sailor Moon counterparts based on their personalities. Some might have more than one match up.

SAFIYA – Sailor Venus/Sailor Moon


Safi is a Truthwitch meaning she can detect who’s telling thing truth. This makes her some what cautious of people around her, but also over confident because she thinks she knows everything. She is stubborn, jumps into situations without thinking, and despises being a Domna. This is why she is the perfect blend of Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon.

Sailor Venus/Minako is the leader of the sailor scouts and has a take charge kind of attitude. Most of the time she is very serious and strongly devoted to her friends. On the flip side, Sailor Moon/Usagi was always getting herself into sticky situations. She’s always trying to do the right thing without thinking it through.  She’s also the Moon Princess, so she’s highly sought after by villains, which is very similar to Safi in Truthwitch.

ISEULT – Sailor Mercury

Iseult is the complete opposite of Safi being reserved, well grounded, and a rational thinker.  Iseult is the Yin to Safi’s Yang ensuring they always have a well thought out plan and holds Safi back before she gets into trouble.  However she also has a lot of self doubt and isn’t quite sure where she fits in with the world.

Sailor Mercury/ Ami is also a quiet, level headed, and kind person, which makes her the perfect counterpart to Iseult. She is also very intelligent, so she always has a plan or is capable of analyzing the situation. Like the other sailor scouts, she’s very loyal to Sailor Moon and would do anything to protect her just like Iseult would for Safi. Also if you’ve read Windwitch, you know Iseult discovers herself. There is a similar incident with Sailor Mercury that happens the live action television series where she becomes someone else, which you can read about here.

MERIK – Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/Mamoru


Prince Merik of Nubrevna is a hot tempered Windwitch who has to earn the trust of his crew and deal with his equally stubborn sister Vivia.  His main focus though, is providing for his small country that he’d do almost anything, like willing to risk the lives of his crew to ensure Safi’s safe passage if it means to open a line of trade. He may seem harsh towards Safi, but he is also caring especially when it comes to his Thread brother Kullen. We see this love and kindness in Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion as he cares deeply for Sailor Moon and his own guardians the Shitennou.

When we meet his civilian identity, Mamoru is seen as brash with Usagi and her friends, which is explained to stem from being orphaned as a child. Similarly, Merik lost his own mother which changed something in his father.  It is also hinted that his childhood wasn’t an easy one due to his father wanted strong gifted children.

It should be noted for those not familiar… Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/Mamoru are all the same person just different incarnations!

AEDUAN – Nephrite


My precious Bloodwitch Aeduan!! He’s not as evil as you think He is definitely a misunderstood character who only seems the bad guy because he’s a hired mercenary.  Being a Carawen Monk, Bloodwitch, and mercenary makes for a complex personality that is always conflicted.  He is a skilled warrior who knows it’s his duty to protect the Cahr Awen, but his father expects the opposite. He is shown as stoic yet compassionate towards others and is always at odds with his behavior and feelings.

Oh Nephrite, you and the other Shitennou shouldn’t have doubted the Moon Kingdom and gotten yourselves brain washed by Queen Beryl.  Anywhoo! I chose Nephrite as Aeduan’s counterpart because in the first anime adaptation we see that he is capable of good intentions and love. Sweet little Naru believes Nephrite is good and is just “misunderstood.”  Her love and willingness to protect him, prompted him to reconsider his actions.  *cough* Isuelt and Aeudan. In Manga/Sailor Moon Crystal we kind of see the same realization that Nephrite and the other Shitennou aren’t necessarily bad in the very end…

VIVA – Sailor Mars

Vivia Vivia Vivia… so misguided. When we first learn of her from Merik, we are introduced to a cunning, cruel, and hot headed future queen of Nubrevna.  She will do whatever it takes to feed her country, even if it is piracy.  In the first book you can tell she is heavily influenced by her father and is the favorite child. Viva and Merik never see eye to eye on the best way to provide for their country and they don’t agree the other should be in charge. In Windwitch, you get to know her more intimately as a having been manipulated and deceived by her father. With a council full of men, no one trusts her to rule the country as queen. We do see her show some kindness towards Merik in a few situations.

Sailor Mars/ Rei is portrayed as a stoic, serious individual who did not involve herself with men seeing them as untrustworthy and emotionally weak.  She’s always had an estranged relationship with her father who was a high ranked politician according to the manga and her mother passed away when she was very young.  Like Vivia, she can also be hot-headed, strong-willed, and somewhat bossy as she often butts heads with Sailor Moon/Usagi.  Regardless, she remains fiercely loyal to her friends.

Whelp that just about does it for this first post of my Sailor Moon x Truthwitch character comparison. I know I did not get a chance to cover everyone and if I did, it would’ve been a very very long post.  Instead, I wanted to break this up into a few posts.

There are at least 10 more match ups I could do, but I’d love to get some feedback first!!! Please let me know in the comments below what you think! Should I continue with a second post? How about a third?



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