Mr. Men/Little Miss: Doctor Who Review


If you hadn’t heard already, BBC teamed up with Penguin Random House to bring us a series of Doctor Who picture books in the style of Mr. Men/Little Miss originally by Roger Hargreaves.  This particular series will not only feature our favorite doctors, but also villains and companions we are all familiar with.  The stories and illustrations will be done by Mr. Hargreaves’ son, Adam Hargreaves.

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Up first is Dr. First of course! This picture book follows the story of the first Doctor and his granddaughter, Susan.  I’ve never watched the original series, but I did see William Hartnell in the tenth anniversary episodes with Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. However William was ill so his appearance was very short.

With that being said I don’t know if the First Doctor is always grumpy, but overall it is an adorable book which demonstrates who much he loves his grandaughter, even if he doesn’t show it.

Reading with Haylee: I decided to read each book with my 3 year old niece because she loves the Little Miss Fickle book her other aunt has.  Plus it’s never too early to turn her into a Whovian. Unfortunately we got to this book last before my sister came to pick her up and I have not had a chance to read it to her since.  However, keep reading to find out her thoughts about the other three books!

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I 9780515158472absolutely adored this story! It was very funny and cute. I haven’t seen any episodes featuring Tom Baker, but it seems pretty accurate. The companion for this novel is Sarah Jane, who we get to meet again in series 10.  I love how Adam takes the time give a brief explanation of the Daleks’ personality.

Reading with Haylee: She definitely enjoyed this one, but kept asking “Why”.  She didn’t understand why Dr. Fourth offers a jelly baby to a bird.  She’s at that phase where she keeps asking why until you give her an answer that satisfying.  I had to explain the what a jelly baby was and tell her the bird must have been hungry so it took it.

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I am totally in love with Matt Smith *swoons* (even though Tennant is more my Doctor) and was so excited to find out who the companion was for this book!  Dr. Eleventh was the best out of all four books. It was funny, had my favorite companion (though some argue she wasn’t a companion), plus the infamous red fez!

Reading with Haylee: She immediately went for this book when I gave her the four options to choose from.  I think the fact that Dr. Eleventh is blue was the reason why we read this book first.  She thought it was funny and enjoyed herself.


9780515158496Amazon | Barnes and Noble

I was kind of disappointed with this story.  I think they could have gone with a different story line and Missy was not my favorite in the show.  I would have been happier with Me or even Clara for that matter. The only thing I liked about this book was the fact Dr. Twelfth had the shades and goes back in time to have lunch.

Reading with Haylee: This was her second choice and I think she also liked that Dr Twelfth had the sunglasses, but I don’t think she enjoyed this one as much.  She have any reactions to this book as much as Dr. Fourth and Dr. Eleventh.


Over all these books were adorable and I believe they’re a good introduction to the world of Doctor Who for any young reader.  They are all enjoyable and I think any Doctor Who fan would be able to appreciate them.  I look forward to reading the other books that will be releasing later.

Thank you to Chelsea Fought and Penguin Random House for sending me these books!


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