Storming the Castle


Part II

As I slip the paper out of the envelope, I cannot help but hope this will not be the time that the old saying “Curiosity killed the cat” comes true. Every book and movie about the consequences of opening mysterious things continues to run through my head as I began to read the letter.



Dear Reader,

Some mysterious are better left unsolved, whilst others beckon to those who cannot resist the impossible. Least that is what everyone would have you believe. Are you the one who can solve the unsolvable?

The Society of Mysteries has selected you from a broad list of candidates to try your hand at solving the identity of one of our missing members.

What is known yet unknown?

~ U.K.

With their curiosity piqued, and their safety assured, they each journeyed from near and far to the abandoned castle to sleuth out the answers. Little did each know that upon arrival they would be met by others who had received the same invitation and challenge. From far and wide they travelled, assured that; yet as each of their paths brought them closer to their destination, through secluded areas that felt lost within time, they questioned the safety of their decision.

Like clockwork, five taxies pulled down a long, winding road that lead to their destination. Sleepily, each awoke from their worried slumber to discover that they were being ushered out of the car and in the front door of a foreboding castle. As they settled into the parlor, they could not help but wonder why each of them was selected. Was it a ruse? A trap? Before so much as an introduction could be made, a voice rumbled through the room, “If thou hast chosen to stay have a seat. If thou hast chosen to forfeit the game, please leave the way you came.” Just as abruptly as it had shattered the heavy silence, everything receded once more into silence.


If you choose to stay to solve the mystery, continue on.


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