TTT Rewind: Characters We’d Name Our Children After

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This week we decided to go back and pick a different topic for Top Ten Tuesday.  Here’s a look at the potential names of our future children if we named them after literary characters!


Lauren’s Picks

1. Annabeth (Percy Jackson) I fell in love with this name the first time I heard it. It’s a nice change from the popular Elizabeth.
2. Tessa (Infernal Devices) Something about Tessa just sounds so pretty to me.
3. Violet (A Series of Unfortunate Events) Pretty name and also one of my favorite colors!
4. Elicia ( Air Awakens)- I have always liked the name Alisha, but I know too many girls named that. I like how this is a bit different but sounds similar.
5. Josie (Out of the Easy) Another name I have liked since I was young, but even more after reading this book!

1. Noah (The Raven Boys) Old name, yet still like it! Just something about it, not sure why.
2. Kaden (Kiss of Deception) I don’t know many Kaden’s out there, so at least I know this would be a different name.
3. Jax (Air Awakens) I feel in love with this character while reading the books and I know I would have fun naming my son this!
4. Liam (The Darkest Minds) Liam just sounds like an epic name. i would expect great things from my son with this name!
5. Cas (anna Dressed in Blood) Not only did I like this name in this book, I really like it from the show Supernatural!


Kelly’s Picks:

1. Safiya because I would always want a daughter of mine to be as passionate and independent as Safi is in TRUTHWITCH. Plus, Safi is a pretty awesome name. 🙂

2. Aelin (Heir of Fire) because it’s such a powerful name, and she’s seriously my book hero. If I could raise a daughter to be half the woman that Aelin Galanthynius is, I’d be one proud mama bear!

3. Calli (The Short Life of Sparrows) because that is a character that knows how to live her life in a way that’s best for her. No one else determines her fate or her happiness. She made her life her own, and that’s something I would want for my daughter too.

4. Sorcha (Daughter of the Forest) because though she may not be powerful in physical strength, she makes up for it in moral righteousness, determination, and pure love. She barges through her obstacles and tackles them all while still somehow managing to hold herself together.

5.Jane, the sweet and naive sister in Pride and Prejudice, because she values her kindness, sincerity, and sweet heart over all else. Never letting the world carve her into a hardened version of herself, she holds strong to who she is despite heartbreak and despair. I would want my daughter to hold steady too.

6. Akiva (Daughter of Smoke and Bone) the strong, kind, and loving man from Laini Taylor’s books. He’s what any man should aspire to, holding to morals, finding bravery in love, and being true to who he is despite what others may think of him.

7. Elias (An Ember in the Ashes) broken, scarred, and constantly working to heal himself. He redefines power and determination to fit his needs and continues to prove that he is more than what people see him as. He is more than the protector. He is a good man.

8. Rowan (Heir of Fire) how could I ever forget Rowan. Not only do I just adore this name, but his love spurs from friendship, protection, determination, and hard work. This is a man that knows life isn’t easy and works every day to try and make it better for himself. I would want to instill this in my son.

9. Jace (City of Bones) I won’t even lie by pretending that people won’t hold this against me, but I adored his character, even more so than Clary. He’s so flawed, real, and down to earth. I’d want my son to know that he’s not perfect and to be able to work through his problems with bravery and a little bit of help, just like Jace.

10. Daniel (Fallen) because he knows that despite putting up a wall and hitting failure after failure, there’s always hope. Love conquers all. I’d hope my own son would understand something like this deep down.


Melissa’s Picks

(I will come back to this)

1. Alanna (Song of the Lioness) – She is a strong, independent, persistent woman who broke barriers as the first female knight! She had a huge impact on my life and so will my child.

2. Reyna (Heroes of Olympus) – You don’t really get to know the real Reyna until 4 books later, but she is strong willed, loyal, and compasstionate. As a child of Bellona and Praetor at Camp Jupiter she’s great leader.

3. Eleanor (Something Strange and Deadly/ Eleanor and Park) – Both Eleanor’s are independent and loving. Both have gone through many obstacles, but have come out stronger in the end. Both girls  wouldn’t let anything hold her back and wanted something better for themselves even if it came down to defying society or moving away to start over.

4. Felicity (The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue) – Smart, fiesty, and unafraid to speak her mind. Doesn’t take crap from her brother or any other man. Another strong independent woman who wants to defy society’s standards.

5. Amanda (If I Was Your Girl) – If I name my girl after Amanda, I want her to be true to herself and she can overcome anything life throws at her . I want her to understand that she will have my unconditional love and support. Also if she will be a huge nerd like me!


6. Nico (Percy Jackson) – Similar to if I named my child Amanda, I want my son to know hes never alone. I want the very best and I want them be whoever they were meant to be.

7. Corey (The Year We Fell Apart) – The perfect gentleman and boy next door. He’ll learn to respect women and be a loyal friend and confidant.

8. James (The Orphan Queen) – Yes contrary to the books, if I name my son James he’ll be loyal friend and sibling. Respectable, caring, and humorous.

9. Xander (The Distance Between Us) – I want my son to be well rounded and free to make his own choices. He’ll have my support in whatever career he chooses. As long as he is respectable and thoughtful.

10. Max (The Start of Me and You) – If my son grew up to be smart, dorky, and caring then I’ll be over the moon. In TSOMAY he was supportive of Paige’s fear of swimming and tries to help her overcome that fear. I hope my son can be that for someone.

This was a lot of fun to think about, but also super hard to narrow down! Have you guys done this topic yet? Can you pick your Top 5 literary names? Let us know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “TTT Rewind: Characters We’d Name Our Children After

  1. Ooo, I love the topic!! I named my son Elias, but that was before I read An Ember! I also love the names Elicia, Jax, Akiva and Rowan. My eldest brother in law is also named Noah… 🙂


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