Books With Friends Challenge!

As any reader could probably tell you, they have one book (or more) that they absolutely love and wish they could get everyone to read. That book you are dying to talk about with others, especially if they’re friends. You need someone to fangirl/fanboy with you.


There is also that moment of enjoyment when a new book is pulled off a shelf to read. What new adventures will I go on? Who are the new people I will fall in love with? Will this book become one of my favorites? Will this book keep me reading all night? All the excitement is there, but there is something that makes reading so much more! Friends!

Knowing these two feelings and wanting to combine them I have decided to create a challenge! So I give to you:

Books With Friends Challenge!  


There are a few reasons I decided to do this challenge:

  1. To tackle my HUGE TBR pile!- I have SO many books just sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. Some are very popular titles, others are some I really hope to get to soon.
  2. Enjoy books my friends have enjoyed.-Yes, I have read books my friends have enjoyed. However, this challenge is going to be slightly different. I want the top books from my friends!
  3. Maybe find new titles. – Some of my friends may recommend a book I have never heard of. Just because a book is not popular doesn’t mean they are not loved.
  4. Expand my reading choices.- I usually have a go-to genre when I read. A few friends I talk to I know read outside my usual area so I’m looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone.
  5. Connect with more friends!- Sometimes it takes a love for something to help build a stronger friendship. What could be better than getting to fangirl/fanboy about a favorite book?

The idea for this challenge started a few months back with the help of my friend Mackayla (@mackayla_hearon) on Twitter. She was my #OTSPSecretSister and she sent me a copy of her favorite book. She left notes throughout Clockwork Angel that I could read. The book was really good, but just getting to experience it with a friend made it 10x better! That was just the initial thought for starting a reading challenge like this one!


My co-bloggers Kelly and Melissa were the final reason for me to create the challenge. After a conversation, Melissa and I decided to read a book Kelly really enjoyed, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Once again I found myself enjoying a book recommended to me from a friend. That is how this challenge was born!

I really look forward to getting to enjoy new books, and I hope others will join me in the challenge! The challenge will run from September 1st to October 31st.

Not sure what to do? It’s Easy!! Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a friend who enjoys reading. (It may help to have a list to know who you have already asked.)
  2. Ask the friend to recommend a book they want you to read. (It can be more than one. Up to you if you want to read more than one book from this friend.)
  3. Read the book! (Hopefully you will enjoy it and can talk to the friend while reading.)
  4. Repeat Step 1. (Keep going until the end of the challenge!)

Keep going and see how many books you can read!


I will post a picture of my current read and the name of the friend who recommend it to me on Twitter and Instagram. If you wish to buddy read with me, please let me know!

If you see I am reading, or have read, a book you really enjoyed and want to discuss it, send me a message on Twitter or Instagram!

Are you thinking of joining the challenge? GREAT! You can sign up with your Twitter/Blog  using the linky below. If you already own many of the books , you can create a sign up post with the book and name of the person who recommended it. You can start off with 1 or more and then ask as you go! Be sure to use the hashtag #BooksWithFriends on social media! Just so others can keep up with what everyone is reading!

Best reading to you all and remember to HAVE FUN!!!!



Sign ups close Sept 30th!



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