TTT: 10 Reasons Why We Love Indie Bookstores


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday we picked the topic for 10 Reasons We Love _________.  We decided to express our love for independent bookstores!


  1. Many indie bookstores have a great atmosphere and some are even housed it a cool building with that old charm feel.  They’re always more intimate than chain stores.
  2. They are more decorative with fun bookish things hanging up.  Especially the stores with a window display, we love seeing it change throughout the year.
  3. Not as crowded and more places to sit down
  4. Uhm what chain bookstore can you find a pet mascot? None! We love visiting stores who have a cat or a dog as their store mascot!
  5. You’ll find they have more novelty and local trinkets in the store than chain stores. It’s always and adventure when you visit a local bookstore.
  6. You can catch up on whats happening around town.
  7. Love local author signings!
  8. Booksellers at indie booksellers are way more enthusiastic and knowledgeable about books. They really want to be there and help make recommendations.
  9. No chain store would have a used book section or discounted books.
  10. Some will also do trade accounts with you, letting you trade book for book or give a good discount. Or they’ll buy back books and give you store credit.


Shout outs to our favorite indie bookstores!

Massachusetts – Brookline Booksmith, Harvard Bookstore, Porter Square Books, Wellesley Books

New York – Books of Wonder, Strand Books

Mississippi – Bay Window BooksLemuria

Pennsylvania – The Doylestown Bookshop, Twice Upon A Time Books


What do you guys love about independent bookstores? Let us know in the comments below!!




4 thoughts on “TTT: 10 Reasons Why We Love Indie Bookstores

  1. Yeah! Here are some of my favs.

    Seattle, Wash.:
    1.) University Book Store —
    2.) Elliott Bay Book Company — — Where Epic Reads filmed this Book Nerd Problems video:
    3.) Third Place Books —

    Chehalis, Wash.: Book ‘n’ Brush —
    Portland, Ore.: Powells Books —


  2. I struggle to think of any indie bookstores where I live sadly. But if there was one I would love if they had a store mascot! I wasn’t even aware that, that was a thing. And the used books section is a great part of indie bookstores, especially because most of the time those books are in great condition!


  3. Oh this is great! I don’t have any near me to visit regularly but there is one about 4 hours away that has a bunch of events and signings and stuff that I will make the drive for so they are my favorite and it’s Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA. I don’t come in super often but they remember me and I love that they collect pennies and are slowly doing their floor in pennies how awesome! My Top Ten


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