Ten Books We Feel Differently About


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, we’re talking about books we feel differently about since time has passed.  All the books/series we’ve chosen we realized we don’t love them as much as we used to or lost interest part way through.


Kelly’s Pick


Lauren’s Picks


Melissa’s Picks

Except for Sinner!

I haven’t read Unforgiven though

Minus Goddess Legacy


What books do you feel differently about now that time has passed? Any of the books we listed?




13 thoughts on “Ten Books We Feel Differently About

  1. I’ve read Shiver and The Goddess Test very early into my early blogging days and I’m very sure I wouldn’t enjoy them right now either, haha. These two seem to pop up on a lot of lists this week!


  2. If I had made a list this week Twilight would definitely be on there. I was super into it, like going to the midnight release of Breaking Dawn with homemade t-shirts into it. Looking back I think it was something easy to get lost in as I started to stress about college and life changes. But now I would rather not with that one.


  3. I still really enjoyed Divergent, but its the rest of the series that is on the list for me. And I agree that the rest of the Goddess Test series wasn’t as on point as it could have been.

    I stand by love of Twilight–I was like 14 when I read it so I feel like it is acceptable to enjoy it.

    But I agree with Nightshade, Fallen and Wings!


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