Top Ten Bookworm Delights


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday we’re discussing what book related experiences make us truly happy.  Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. When our books fit perfectly on a shelf – It’s such a satisfying feeling when books naturally fit on a shelf without wasting space; like fitting a puzzle together. We’d also hate to run into a situation where a series has to be broken up or all the books by one author take up two shelves or even all of our favorites don’t fit

2. When covers of a series match/ Bookspines form a picture – It’s a big pet peeve of ours when publishers decide to change covers mid series, but unfortunately we can’t do too much about it. Save for The Winner’s trilogy. We also love repackaged look of Harry Potter paperbacks because the spines shows us Hogwarts and the new Percy Jackson covers form a larger image.

3. Owning a series in the same format – We’re sure a lot of you feel the same way.

4. Binge reading a really great book/series – Rarely do we find that one book we can’t put down until we read it all the way though and stay up all night for. Even rarer when it’s a whole series. (unless you’re Melissa who has no issues with this whatsoever)

5. When you use your favorite character bookmark, who greets you every time you open the page – The latest craze are those cute little magnetic bookmarks taking shape of our favorite book characters. Always discovering the ones we need to buy is a health hazard. We recommend (HappyHello, Magic Bookmarks , Beedoo, )

6. When you over hear people talking excitedly about a favorite book/author – It just warms our hearts! Though meeting new people who share the same interest in books is even more thrilling.

7. When you discover the book has a map inside, a surprise under the dust jacket, beautiful end pages, or art inside the dust jacket – We’re just like

8. Rainy days are the best excuse to stay in bed all day and read under the covers or wherever your favorite reading spot is

9. Pop Culture References in Books – We love discovering books that incorporate these references because it makes us happy! Most of the time you’d find pop culture references in contemporary books only. There are a few authors who’ve added it to their sci-fi dystopian (The Darkest Minds) or mythological retelling (Heroes of Olympus). Actually Becky Albertalli previously discussed the dilemma of including pop culture references, which can be found here.

10. Coming home after a rough/ tiring day and getting lost in a book. – There are just now words to describe how rewarding that feels.


Let us know if you share similar bookish delights or link us to your list! We’d love to check them out!




15 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookworm Delights

  1. Fun list, and I love the post you link to from Albertalli. Simon Vs. was one of my favorite reads last year. And c’mon, like Dickens or Edith Wharton or J.D. Salinger weren’t very “of their time”?


  2. I previously posted a list of my book peeves, and mismatched covers–and sizes–in a series is one of them! 😮 So of course, the opposite (matchy matchy covers) is such a delight. 🙂


  3. The bookspines forming a picture is awesome! Like the new release of the Mortal Instruments. One problem, I already have some the books. Gah, now I’m debating whether or not to repurchase the ones I have just to complete the bookspine picture.


  4. I’m totally obsessive when it comes to owning a series in the same format. That’s why I’ll probably own ten copies of the same book (hello there ACOTAR and ACOMAF). I just hopped on the bookmark wagon and bought some from a shop on Etsy (I can’t think of the name right now) that are little teenie tiny ToG characters. I haven’t used them yet because I’m scared of breaking, losing, or tearing them, but they’re just so cute to look at! It’s so funny that you mentioned Becky Albertalli, because that’s exactly who my thoughts went to when thinking about pop culture references.

    Great post! My TTT. (:


  5. such a great list! i’m quite particular about books, esp number 3! if i have one book in a series, i either need to get the whole series, or i need to giveaway/sell that one book so i don’t have ANY of them lol.


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