DOVE EXILED: Character Playlist


I am so excited to kick off the Dove Exiled blog tour this week!  Dove Exiled is the second book in the Dove Chronicles by Karen Bao.  For this stop, Karen was kind enough to provide us with a playlist that best describes her main character Phaet Theta.






1. Landscape – Florence and the Machine
This song captures the Moon’s bleak vistas, as well as the bleakness Phaet has felt ever since her father died. Whatever positive emotions Phaet may feel over the course of the books, I have to remember that she’s experienced great loss at a young age, and this colors the way she sees the world.


2. Entropy – Grimes + Bleachers
Phaet would appreciate the chemistry pun, as well as the confusion about self-expression in this song. After all, her government is literally controlling what comes out of her mouth.


3. When the Ship Goes Down – Jillette Johnson
Although Phaet’s not materialistic, she often dreams of a better life in which she and her family have enough to eat and a nicer place to live.



4. The Writer – Ellie Goulding
This song perfectly illustrates the early relationship between Phaet and the Committee: they tell her how to behave, what to say, how to see the world. It’s such a relief when she starts breaking free.


5. Help I’m Alive – Metric
What it might feel like to have a totalitarian Lunar government chasing you across planetary bodies.


6. Bird Song – Florence and the Machine
A play on Phaet’s name, which refers to the dove star. Also an ode to regrets, of which she has many.



7. My Best – Vanessa Carlton
Phaet has always assumed she’d spend her life with Umbriel, her childhood friend whom she trusts more than anyone else. But she realizes that her lack of romantic feelings makes this a bad decision. Here’s an ode to a relationship that didn’t work out, but at least the two people stay best friends.


8. Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk
This song is here because Phaet has to train like a crazy person in order to survive Militia, and her can-do attitude stays with her during the series.


9. The Hymn of Acxion – Vienna Teng
Because of her withdrawn personality, Phaet has long experienced loneliness. But people like Wes and her Militia friends accept her and never ask her to change.



10. Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson
Sometimes Phaet gets revved up about social justice – and then she gets feisty, just like this song.


11. Message From Your Heart – Kina Grannis
Phaet fights for her siblings, and then for the entire Lunar population. Sometimes I want to tell her to take care of her own emotional well-being, as this song does.


12. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers & Tinashe
To me, this song describes how Wes inspires Phaet to be a stronger, better person and vice versa. Plus, it’s darn fun to listen to.


13. Mine – Beyoncé & Drake
By the time Wes and Phaet realize they have feelings for each other, they’ve been through deaths of family members and cataclysmic war together. Although they’re still teenagers, their relationship has a mature mindset from the get-go.



14. Ride – Lana Del Rey
Phaet does a lot of traveling…and relinquishing her life to the hands of, well, fate. This song captures her exhaustion and faith.


15. Grow Up – Paramore
Yeah, it’s hard to grow up, especially if you’re a sixteen-year-old girl fighting the Lunar Committee every day. But if anyone can do it, it’s Phaet Theta.



The thrilling follow-up to the groundbreaking debut Dove Arising.

Phaet Theta fled the Moon and has been hiding on Earth with her friend Wes and his family. But Phaet’s past catches up with her when the Lunar Bases attack the community and reveal that Phaet is a fugitive. She’s torn between staying on Earth with Wes—whom she’s just discovered her feelings for—and stowing away on a Moon-bound ship to rescue her siblings from the wrath of the government who killed their mother. But when Phaet makes the agonizing decision to return to the Moon, she finds the rebel movement there has turned her into their “Girl Sage,” a symbol of their struggle. She’s the biggest celebrity on the Moon: half the people worship her, and the other half want her dead.

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Karen Bao is a writer, musician, and aspiring scientist. She has a brother three years younger than her and a violin sixty years older than her. Born in California and raised in New Jersey, she currently studies environmental biology at college in New York City. Karen began writing Dove Arising at the age of seventeen.

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What do you think about the music chosen for Phaet’s playlist? Have you read Dove Arising yet or plan to? What are you looking forward to reading about in Dove Exiled? Let me know in the comments below!  Be sure to check out the rest of the tour!


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Thank you Karen for providing Phaet’s playlist! We’ve learned so much about Phaet’s personality, relationships, and world through the music you chose.  Thank you to Rachel Lodi at Penguin for organizing this blog tour and giving Live Love Read the opportunity to participate!



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