Earth’s End Cover Reveal and Raffle!

I have been impatiently waiting for this day to come for months now! I recently had the pleasure of getting hooked on a wonderful new series by Elise Kova called Air Awakens, and I’m excited to be part of the Cover Reveal Team for the third book in her series!

Just so anyone that may want or need the information on the first two books, I’ll do a quick recap for book 1 and 2. I don’t want to make this part too long so that I can quickly get to the new cover and info for the the third book. So, I will add links to Goodreads so you can get information on the books, and also links if you want to buy.

Air Awakens (Book One)


You can add it on Goodreads by clicking here!
You can order from Amazon here!
Here is a UK Amazon link for those that may need it here!
You can find it at Barnes and Noble here!
You can find it at iBooks here!
You can find it at Google Play here!
You can find it on Kobo here!

Fire Falling (Book Two)

Release Date is: November 19th, 2015!


You can add it on Goodreads by clicking here!
You can order from Amazon here!
Here is a UK Amazon link for those that may need it here!
You can find it at Barnes and Noble here!
You can find it at Book Depository here!

Now time to get to the main reason for this post…


Earth’s End (Book Three)

Release Date is February 11th, 2016!


Because this book is the third in a series, I don’t want to add anything that may be a spoiler to those who have not yet read Air Awakens or Fire Falling. With the possibility that this book will pick up right where Fire Falling left off, any information may be considered a spoiler. If you are interested in knowing more about Earth’s End, you can check out the link below!

  • You can find this book on Goodreads HERE!



View More:

Elise Kova has always had a passion for storytelling. She wrote her first novella, a high-fantasy, in sixth grade. Over the years she’s honed her love of literature with everything from fantasy to romance, science fiction to mystery, and whatever else catches her eye.

Elise lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida, where she’s currently working on the next installment in her debut YA fantasy series: Air Awakens. She enjoys video games, anime, table-top role playing games, and many other forms of “geekdom.” She loves talking with fans on Twitter (@EliseKova) and Facebook.

You can also follow Elise on Goodreads and Amazon!


About the Artist

Elise Kova, may have created the world and characters for her story, but the credit for the amazing covers go to another special person. This talented person helped bring the amazing world of Air Awakens to life with art.

Merilliza Chan (Meril) has worked so hard to bring the readers a cover that is beautiful enough to frame and hang on the wall. (Which you can actually do! She has sold prints of the covers.) She has also helped add a little something special to this cover reveal. We have talked to Elise about how she created her story, now we get an exclusive look into the making of the covers!

Check out her Deviant page here! (zwxArt)

You can also find her at Twitter here! (@zwxArt)

Earth’s End Book Illustration: An In-depth Process
By Merilliza Chan


The link to Merillza Chan’s interview is here!

The interview was really interesting and quite a lot of fun to read! I hope you take a few moments to read it yourself.


You have now read information on the first two books, got a look at the brand new cover for book three, and got some insight into the author and artist of the series. Now, it’s time for…



a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you thought of the cover and tell me if you are going to want to read this series! If you have read Air Awakens, let me know what you thought!

2 thoughts on “Earth’s End Cover Reveal and Raffle!

  1. I love these covers! Gorgeous! I think the first cover might be my favorite, although the third one is really cool too… It’s a tough call. 🙂 I definitely plan to try out Air Awakens. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The covers is what caught my attention at first, but once you read the story inside you’ll be hooked! I have to agree with you, I really like the first cover! Though they all look amazing!


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