Something Strange and Deadly: Discussion Two


Today I’ll be addressing the second half of Something Strange and Deadly.  The read-along is hosted by Stephanie @  Steph In Wonderland.  There is still plenty of time to catch up with us and take part in the discussions and enter the giveaway.

Q1) I wasn’t surprised to learn who was behind the sudden zombie uprising. I think Susan did a great job leaving clues throughout the book that allowed the reader to figure out the answer beforehand. I was more disappointed when I found out because I was really hoping I was wrong, but the more I read it made the most sense.

Q3) Daniel’s answer to Eleanor’s question was complete bullshit! He was definitely lying! It frustrated me so much that he lied to her thinking it would protect her. This is one thing that I always disliked in books or movies. When one person feels the need to lie in order to protect the other because they think it’s the right thing to do.  Who cares if it would make things complicated if he told the truth! GAHHH!

Q4 & 7) My first impression of Jie was that she had spunk and stood by the choices that she made in order to protect herself and be free from what was expected of her. She’s definitely one of my favorite characters in the book. I hope in the second and third book she becomes good friends with Eleanor because I think Jie is a good influence for her.


Okay from here on out there will be SPOILERS!

Q5) I was actually sad that Elijah died in the end. I was hoping that Eleanor would be able to save him from his madness. However it had it happen in order to set up the biggest twist in the book. At least I think so.

Q6) The biggest twist in the book was Marcus taking over Elijah’s body.  I had an inkling the rogue spirit was him after Joseph tells his story to Eleanor. However, when his spirit attacks Eleanor after that, it didn’t make sense. Why would he consistently target Eleanor and not Joseph?







Hope you’ll be able to join the read along with the second book in the series, A Darkness Strange and Lovely

❤ Melissa

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