Something Strange & Deadly: Discussion One

The next few months I’ll be participating in the Something Strange & Deadly read along hosted by the lovely Stephanie @ Steph In Wonderland of the Waterwitch Babes. As you may or may not know already, the Waterwitch Babes is one of 6 clans in Truthwitch Street Team.  I’m actually clan leader for Aether Clan which I am thrilled to be a part of.  I would like to thank Stephanie for hosting as it is my first time reading the series and my first time participating in a read along!

When I first picked up the book at Books of Wonder several months ago, I was hesitant because I haven’t broadened my paranormal past vampires and werewolves and faeries. I’m also not a huge zombie fan, but boy was I proven wrong after reading the first 10 pages in the store and immediately bought the book.

Now that I’ve read the first 14 chapters I am really enjoying the world building Susan created within Something Strange and Deadly. Historical fiction is a new genre to me so I’m loving all the little details about this book: the fashion, the setting, and the mannerisms.

So far I find that Something Strange and Deadly isn’t too zombie-ish. It has just enough scenes with the Dead without the need for blood and gore.  Susan’s approach to the Dead is different that what I’ve seen and that’s what I love about the book. It’s not quick shot to the head or beheading, it’s incapacitating them combined with magic and technology.

I really enjoy Eleanor as a character so far because she’s witty, sassy, funny, and determined to be an independent woman.  She’s is fiercely loyal to Elijah and won’t give up hope for his safe return.  She feels restricted by society’s expectations and norms that every little “mishap” she catches herself making is a small act of rebellion. Like when she automatically sticks out her hand to shake Joseph’s, she realizes there was supposed to be an introduction by another person. I find that old custom bit absurd and it seems like Eleanor feels the same. I feel like I can connect with her as a person with some of the things she’s going through. We both have similar characteristics and I would definitely react in a similar manner as Eleanor if either of my siblings went missing. My mother used to be like Mrs. Fitt with her overbearing nature, which drove me up a wall.  I also would definitely hate the societal expectations and retaliate.

My first impression of Daniel was a pompous ass. I actually love the scene where Eleanor first meets Daniel in the office because you get to see this slightly crazy “mad scientist” side to him. It was amusing to read and I just felt that something will happen later on between Eleanor and Daniel.  I didn’t expect Joseph Boyer this put together and perfectly polite gentlemen.  He surprised me actually and I really like his character.

I think my favorite scene so far in the first half of the book is when they go to the library to do some research.  Eleanor wants to be right where the action is and to help the Spirit Hunters even if it’s a small gesture. You get to know more about Eleanor’s relationship with her brother and what they were like as children.  We also get to see a slightly softer side to Daniel.  He takes the time to explain to Eleanor how the goggles work and it becomes this cute intimate moment between them.

Overall I’m really enjoying the book and can’t wait to continue to read and discuss the second half of the book!


Such a descriptive quote. It’s how I feel about Boston winters.


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