Musings of Eternal Dreamers: Feedback


For this weeks Musings we’re taking a minute to reach out to our followers.  We’re about a third way through our currently schedule, but we want to hear from YOU! We’ll most likely be taking requests/ contacting more authors, agents, and publicists around January. However we’d like to know a few things before hand!

What have you liked/ disliked about so far about Musings?

As a writer what have you found most helpful from past posts?

Are there any topics you’d like in future posts?

Any questions you’d like to see answered?

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve this Musings experience for you?

You can leave feedback in the comments down below!  We’d love for you to help us to help you!

If you guys are participating in NaNoWriMo this month be sure to check back on previous Musing posts here!  We wish for all of you to meet all your writing goals this month!

❤ Melissa, Kelly, and Lauren

One thought on “Musings of Eternal Dreamers: Feedback

  1. My favourite would have to be Kristi Charish’s post, but I also loved Emm Cole’s. I love that it’s so real [their voice] and the writing/publishing advice is detailed – they actually want to help. Kristi’s was also very entertaining!

    Overall, I love this feature because it seems like it can reach a number of voices (writing advice, publishing exp., personal experience).


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