Teal Trick or Treat: Bookish Halloween Costume


Teal Trick or Treat is a 10 day feature leading up to Halloween with a variety of posts dedicated to the paranormal and horror of the holiday’s history, culture, films, and books, as well as a giveaway hosted by Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books.

I’d like to thank Nori @  Read Write Love for bringing the Teal Team together under this wonderful projects known as the Book Bloggers Creativity Project.  The goal was to work as a group to create a fun new feature.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is one of the final posts on our blog hop! Each of us had to choose a bookish character we would want to dress up as for Halloween!  I decided to go with one of my favorite series, The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, and dress as a Squaller.  A Squaller is a summoner who can manipulate air pressure to create storms. They belong to the Etherealki or The Order of the Summoners who focus on different elements.

Squaller colors are blue and silver and I have two different options depending on what the temperature would be like on Halloween.  On the left is a more modern approach whereas the right is more traditional if I decided to wear kefta. A kefta is a robe only the Grisha wear.  I thought the cuff bracelet/ arm band would be a nice touch to represent air.


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❤ Melissa

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