10 Wishes We’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Us


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me had us all in an uproar and we immediately started bouncing ideas off each other. We got pretty elaborate with some of our wishes. Hope you find them as amusing as we did! As always Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Wishes each of us would want to come true…


1) A Magic Book Key – This key will let its beholder unlock any book, thus allowing the user to travel inside the book; actually experiencing the book itself as it happens (give or take). In addition, it will allow the user to bring anyone from the book world to the real world. Sounding familiar? That’s because we borrowed this idea from Once Upon a Time! This way we can visit many book realms / see all our beloved book boyfriends whenever we wanted. Maybe even throw in some magical beans for a safety precaution too.


2) A Traveling Library That’s Bigger on the Inside – Okay we haven’t come up with a snazzy acronym for this one.  Kelly originally said she wanted a library for all the places she lived. Melissa transformed the idea into a traveling library that went with you everywhere and fit in any space in the house/apartment/hotel etc. no matter how big or small. Hence it being bigger on the inside! Just imagine a T.A.R.D.I.S / library/ walk-in closet, but you don’t use it to travel through time and space. It may or may not have a blue Police Box door with a flashing light complete with full sound effects.


3) Psychokinesis. Let’s be real here, reading Queen of Shadows, City of Heavenly Fire, Winter, or any George R. R. Martin book will put a strain on our arms while reading. Having the ability to levitate books and turning the pages with our minds would make life easier. But really we all wanna be like Matilda.


4) Freezing Time. We’d all love it if we were able to stop time while we read. This will give us the chance to read a book in one night and actually get some rest before our day starts! Or you know, just pause life for a bit to finish up a book that is really good.


5) Great Adaptations. Having movies and TV shows that actually do the book justice. Is that too much to ask for?

Kelly’s Wish…


6) The ability to speed read. She is the slowest out of the 3 of us so it makes sense she’d want to be able to read faster and retain the information.

Melissa’s Wishes…


7) Spend a day with Rick Riordan. Not going to lie, this would be Melissa’s dream come true. Why an entire day? Well because she’d want to know what the day in the life of Rick Riordan is like: outlining, writing, editing. There’s also watching a Red Sox game, walking around Boston, asking endless questions about the Percy Jackson Series (especially Trials of Apollo) & Magnus Chase, and convincing him to name a character after her. Hopefully this will lead to the greatest author/ reader friendship ever! Of course Lauren will be invited to the party too because can’t leave a girl hanging! (btw my name is Greek just sayin’)


8) Another published book by Kristin Cashore. I absolutely LOVED Graceling! I’ve been dying for another series by her. She hand writes all of her manuscripts and then uses Dragon speech to type them up.  I would love for the book genie to give her the ability to type her next book or speed up the process and publish it for her.

Lauren’s Wishes…


9) An unlimited credit card only for books. Well you’d think the obvious answer would just to be rich. However Lauren says there are too many books! No matter how much money she’d have, she would spend it all on books and that would leave her with nothing else. So if she had a card with unlimited money just for books that would be perfect! (Melissa might borrow this idea for her wish)


10) Ability to actually read more than one book at a time without a problem. Lauren can do this already, but sometimes she forgets what happens in one book or forgets which book she’s reading.

Let us know in the comments below what your 10 wishes are!!

❤ Melissa, Lauren, and Kelly

17 thoughts on “10 Wishes We’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Us

  1. this is my favorite TTT post from today so far! great ideas ladies! also, i didn’t know that about Kristin Cashore’s writing process but I think that is really neat! #3 is a great wish! QOS was killer and i read it in two sittings. my arms felt like jello afterwards!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I didn’t realize Kristin’s methods until I met her at an event in Cambridge this year. It was supposed to be with Marie Rutkoski, but you know snow got in the way.


  2. Haha some good ones. I like the idea of being able to hold the book and turn pages with your mind, how did I not think of that. OMG so useful and you could get another book off the shelf without leaving that perfect place of comfort you’ve found! My Top Ten.

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