Waiting on Wednesday: Candidate



Title: Candidate (The Black Mage, #3)

Author: Rachel E. Carter

Publisher: Astraea Press

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Publication Date: October 27th, 2015


Welcome to the Candidacy. Where dreams go to die.

Twenty-year-old Ryiah is a black mage of Combat, but she is not the Black Mage. Yet. She’s had her eyes on the legendary robe for as long as she can remember, and in just one year she will have a chance at her country’s prodigious – and only- tourney for mages… Too bad she is going up against a certain non-heir. The one person she has yet to beat.

Meanwhile Ry has a year to prove herself in her new role as a war mage and the prince’s betrothed. Neither is quite what she expected and complications arise on both fronts. War is on the horizon, and with so many enemies the kingdom of Jerar’s fate is more than ever at risk.

The Candidacy finally arrives, but it’s only the beginning. Nothing can prepare her for what comes next.


About the Author:


Rachel E. Carter is a young adult author who hoards coffee and books. She has a weakness for villain and bad boy love interests. When not writing, she is usually reading, and when not reading she is usually asleep. To her, the real world is Hogwarts and everything else is a lie.

The Black Mage is Rachel’s first YA fantasy series, with many more to come. She loves to interact with fellow readers and aspiring writers.


Why We Are Waiting:

Lauren: I love a good fantasy read, as most people that talk to me will find out, so when Kelly told me about how much she enjoyed this series, I couldn’t help but want to join her! I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but hopefully I will soon! This story sounds like a fun one to read, and I can’t wait to experience it.

Kelly: Emily from Midwestern Book Nerd has been nudging, and nudging, and NUDGING this book into my line of sight for so long. She raves abou this author, and for good reason! Not only is Rachel an amazing writer and story teller, but she’s also a wonderfully kind person. Plus, seriously, this is an edgy NA series about a powerful young woman who is BA. You all know me well enough to know that I’d be all over this series!

❤ Lauren and Kelly

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