Spectacularly Swanky Saturday #2 – Dream Library

Spectacularly Swanky Saturday: The Dream Library

Welcome to the SECOND OFFICIAL SPECTACULARLY SWANKY SATURDAY! Today, Lauren, Lindsey, Britt, Chelsea, Emily, and myself are creating our dream libraries on our blogs! You can join in the fun by creating your own libraries on your blogs, or even just posting pictures of what your dream library would look like in our comments! We would love to hear from you!

What is Spectacularly Swanky Saturday?

You can find out more about Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays by clicking on the “Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays” page at the top of my blog, or by following this link: https://livelovereadya.wordpress.com/spectacularly-swanky-saturdays/

The following is a quick summary of what Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays is and why we created it:

Spectacularly Swanky Saturdays is a monthly blog post filled with fun and original ideas to unite the blogging community and our readers. Though it’s hosted by the “swank six”, we invite everyone to join us on our monthly journey to celebrate our love of all things bookish! Below is a schedule of our monthly events, which will be posted the first Saturday of every month. If you would like to join, please link back or tag myself or one of the “swank six” in your post! You can also post a picture or write what you would like in a comment on our blogs, if you don’t have your own blog to post on! In addition, feel free to put a link to your post in a tweet so that EVERYONE can see it and join in the fun! Just make sure to put the hashtag #SwankySat with it, so we don’t miss it! We can’t wait to see the creative ideas you all come up with! This feature will be such a fun way to interact with other bloggers, readers, and writers, so don’t be shy! Put yourself out there and join in the fun! We welcome everyone!

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Between The Pages



Between The Pages


This Week…

I was SO EXCITED to do this post! I was somewhat hesitant at first, thinking I would be buried under pictures of everything I wanted and not be able to choose or really know what I would dream of! However, as I was browsing through some pictures, the library I dreamed of slowly came into view. Once that started happening, I was all…

Let me tell you this, creating your dream library/office space is SO MUCH FRIGGIN FUN! You need to try it! I’m ecstatic to share my dream library with you and I really hope you like it as much as I do! I’m simplistic in some ways, with modern and expensive touches here and there. I love nature and try to stay close to it. Maybe some of you feel the same!! Alright, I can’t keep delaying… SCROLL DOWN AND EXPLORE MY DREAMS! =D

My Dream Library!

Alright, so to start this off, I really want this type of space. The vaulted ceilings, the huge and endless windows, and the fireplace in the corner!! Something large, but cozy!!!! =) There would be another wall or half wall at least of windows to the left of this picture, around the corner, and possibly a door to another area on the right side of the fireplace?! P.S. The stone fireplaces that go all the way to the ceiling are my favorites!!! You can get rid of the TV in my library though! 

This furniture would definitely go to the left corner in the above picture, hopefully with windows like this instead! I would really love to have windows that open like this so that in the spring I can sit on my window seats, that will look exactly like these, and just read and work with the breeze coming in and the sun on my face. Ugh, I’m so happy just thinking about it!!

I’d definitely like this ottoman instead of the one in the above picture!! I like the bigger ones and this one doubles as a larger table!!

Across the window seats and the ottoman, I would put two couches like the ones in this picture to finish out a nice, square seating area! Oh my goodness, it would be so beautiful! I could sit, relax, look out the windows, get warm by the fire, socialize with friends, and do so much in such a beautiful setting!

I’d love to have this type of wood flooring and these white bookshelves on every wall not covered in windows or a fireplace! I just think they’re so lovely and the white will really make the space seem bright and welcoming! 

I want to be an author and writer one day. My library would probably double as my office and I absolutely LOVE this desk setting. I like to feel surrounded by my desk. I’m always more comfortable when I’m cocooned by the space around me. L and U shaped desks are my favorite! Behind me would obviously be bookshelves and the desk would face the sitting area and windows. Obviously I’d have a rolling chair in here too, because a chair like that simply won’t do!

Obviously with a library this elaborate, I’d have a loft area. I would love to have these kind of wooden steps up to my loft area! The wood and classic spiral staircase, especially if it’s close to a window just pull at my heart.

I would want my loft to be small; it would look something like this and would be placed over my desk and the door to my room. I would want a little reading nook up here in the middle of my bookshelves and a high window on the second or third floor to look out over the scenery on while I’m day dreaming, reading, plotting, etc. I could seriously probably live in this library and be perfectly happy so far… I would just have to make sure the walls and ceiling are not that red color!

I brought this picture into the equation because this would be the color of my walls and this is exactly the vaulted ceiling I would want with the classic wood and beams. A ceiling fan to shift the hot air around from the fireplace would be nice as well! Ugh, Oh my goodness, my heart is just bursting. I want this space so badly!!!

You can’t have this kind of indoor space without having some outdoor space! I’d want a door to an outdoor deck like this either off the loft or on the right side of the corner fireplace pictured in the first picture. That way I can still have my view on one side of the room and have this deck on the other! This is an AMAZING outdoor space and I just adore that it’s built around a tree!!! I LOVE NATURE!

Last but not least, my view would look something like the picture above and the picture below. I want to live somewhere in the wooded mountains. I want to be secluded and just surrounded by nature. I want to see the sun streaking through the trees and into my library on the brightest of days. I want to witness the wind howling over the mountain and moving the trees in the midst of a storm and be able to get inspiration from it all. All weather would just be so beautiful, if only I could have a view like this every. single. day. I would give up just about everything I have to be able to have this library with this view and environment to be a part of every single day.

So what do you all think? Can you picture it? Do you like it?! Oh my goodness, I JUST LOVE IT AND I’M GOING TO DREAM ABOUT IT EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE! This was SO MUCH FUN to do!!! Just following my heart and allowing myself to recognize my dreams like this feels amazing. Of course, I don’t necessarily expect this to ever happen, but wouldn’t it just be wonderful if there was such a room out there and I could have it in my future house? 

What about your dream library?!

What would your dream library look like? It can be an actual library, a house library, realistic, completely fantastical, anything you want!! What would you make it if you had the power and ability to make all of your library dreams come true?! =) Tell us! We’d love to see and talk about your dreams! 

Go check out the other girls and their blogs too! They have some pretty amazing ideas and all of our libraries are EXTRAORDINARILY different! There’s something magical about being friends with people who are so insanely different or opposite of you, and these ladies fit the bill. We’re all so different, but yet so, very the same. Please join us and we can all celebrate our similarities and differences together! I’d love to see all of your ideas! What would you put in your dream library?!

I hope you join us today and explore the fun that can be had! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! Okay, I really need to stop rambling now and just post this! =) HA! 

Look for a review on The Haunting of Sunshine Girl coming this week! 

The next Spectacularly Swanky Saturday is on June 6th! 

June 6th – Most Anticipated Release

“What is your most anticipated new release of the summer?! Why are you excited for it?! Make this a spotlight on your blog if you would like and help the author promote their masterpiece!”

If you have any questions, comments, etc., please feel free to get in touch with me! I’d love to hear from all of you! =)

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend! Relax! Enjoy life! Live your life!

12 thoughts on “Spectacularly Swanky Saturday #2 – Dream Library

    • Pahahah!!! That’s so funny because every time someone asks me to describe things like this, I always say it’s a country chic. !! =D HAHAHAH!! You definitely hit the nail on the head there! I can’t wait to see yours!!!! =))))


  1. Nice! Ha it is very country chic! Ha I love how you have like the ENTIRE layout figured out. I feel like mine just ended up being a bunch of pictures and me squealing OMG I WANT THIS. Ha


    • Pahahah, I just started dreaming away. I should definitely hire an architect or someone to draw this out on blueprint for me. Maybe I can make it happen after I win the lottery. 😉 And nothing wrong with squealing!!! Did you not see my GIF? Hahahah!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a picture I want to share, but I don’t know how to attach it in a comment!

    I love dreaming about my hypothetical future library. The sneak-preview picture you posted on Twitter a couple days ago is still my favorite! I’ve ALWAYS wanted a library with a moving ladder. One day!!


    • hmm… you’re right… I’m going to have to figure that out. I assumed you could attach it or paste it in here, but apparently wordpress doesn’t like us that much! Tweet it at me!! I’d love to see it! =) Haha, put my alcove with Lauren, Chelsea, and Emily’s Beauty and the Beast GIF where Belle rolls down the library wall on the ladder and it sounds like you have your dream library!!! =P


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