Top Ten Favorite Heroines from Books

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for slacking on my blog recently. It’s been a CRAZY time and between the snow and my upcoming concert that I have to prepare my girls for, it’s like mass chaos with very little relaxation and sleep. So I’ve been trying to sneak in some sleeping and relaxation when I can.

Anyways, I am determined to catch up on my blog posts and I will soon be reviewing The Selection series and The Orphan Queen, so keep an eye out for those posts!

As always, my Top Ten Tuesday is something I work very hard to keep consistent, despite my crazy life. So, here it is!

This Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by Broke and Bookish!

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite Heroines from Books

1. Celaena Sardothien – Throne of Glass series

Of course! How could any of you expect me to choose anyone else for my #1 spot?! She’s brilliant and a fighter to top it all off. Though she is an assassin, she rarely, if ever, loses her sense of humanity. She has strong and passionate emotions that guide her actions as she lives by her gut instinct. Celaena is insanely flawed and I love her so much for her ability to accept her flaws and still love who she is! Not only that, but she also accepts the flaws in everyone else around her as well. She accepts humanity and all of it’s faults. ❤ OHHHH how I adore you Celaena.

2. Sorcha – Daughter of the Forest

Sorcha is so wonderful! She takes this second spot for her inability to be swayed by the horrors that surround her life, for her constant positivity, and for her courageous, immovable heart! She is kind and good through everything that life has put her through and that makes her one of my all-time favorites!

3. Hermoine Granger – Harry Potter series

I so long for Hermoine’s intelligence, wit, charm, and bravery. She was a shining beacon for me while growing up because she showed so many characteristics of exactly who I wanted to be. She wasn’t perfect and she didn’t pretend to be, but she was strong and stuck to her guns. She was loyal and steadfast, acting like a rock and anchor to those around her. I’ve always striven to be that person and I hope that who I am today reflects that effort.

4. Katniss Everdeen – Hunger Games series

Oh Katniss… what is there to say about you? You’re emotional, a slight train wreck, and you’re passionate. Katniss is so flawed, but that’s what makes me relate to her so much. I am an extremely emotional person and it’s something that I fight within myself everyday. This world, just like Katniss’ world, does not react well to emotion. I relate to her in this way. Both of us are passionate, emotional people just trying to get by with the least amount of emotional scars as possible. Despite all of this, she finds a cause worth fighting for and pursues it with her whole heart. This emotional, fragile, imperfect side of Katniss is what wins her a spot on my top ten this week.

5. Meghan Chase – The Iron King series

Though I was seriously annoyed by  Meghan at the beginning of this series, I grew to honestly really like her by the end of it. She has a tremendous amount of character development thanks to Ms. Julia Kagawa! She grows into a strong, determined, and morally sound young woman who harnesses her power and uses it for good. I commend her strength and growth!

6. Wilhelmina – The Orphan Queen series

Ohhhhh how I loved Wilhelmina. She is wonderful and I most praise her sound moral judgement. Despite all of the trials and tribulations she has been through and the horrors she has witnessed, she refuses to spill blood, even if for her own betterment.  She loves unconditionally and has a heart of gold that people seem to take advantage of. I relate to her in that way and can just feel her emotions as she struggles to hold on to what is good inside of her every time she is disappointed or betrayed by another character. She’s like a breath of fresh air in her inability to not care about the well being of everyone around her. She shows humanity.

7. Jacky Faber – Bloody Jack series

This was my absolute favorite series while I was growing up. Jacky just has this insane wit and charm about her that has made me die laughing many times. She’s seriously almost fearless and I never questioned her judgement. She is loyal and compassionate, outgoing and friendly, everything that I wish I could be many times over. She’s almost my exact opposite which is why I adore her so much! I wish that I could be as outgoing, loyal, friendly, etc. as she is! she has made a wonderful role model for me growing up and I continue to think about her often, especially when I skim my bookshelves and see her many adventures sitting there, waiting for me to open them again.

8. Clary Fray – City of Bones series

Clary. Where do I even begin? She stubborn, passionate, and strong beyond her own beliefs. I love that she just plunges head first into so many crazy situations and ideas because she is only thinking about saving someone else and never herself. She appears to be an incredible selfless heroine and I adore that quality in her. All she cares about are the people surrounding her and despite the threats to her own life, she continues to go on and fight because she just wants her loved ones to survive and live in happiness.

9. Wanderer – The Host

Wanderer makes my list because there is nothing more to say about her than the fact that she is just a sweetheart. Throughout the course of The Host, Wanderer learns what it means to be human and embraces it with open arms. She learns compassion for another species and forces herself to open her mind, and her heart, to those she never thought she could love. I envy and appraise her selflessness and immense compassion for not only those she cares about, but for everyone she doesn’t even know.

10. Zoey Redbird – Marked series

Zoey Redbird. The strong, confident, and lovable leader of her kind. She loves her friends more than herself and finds her confidence and family in them. Everything else she has loved seems to disappear through her fingers, but she continues to love and lead her kind to safety and happiness. She experiences heartbreak and continues to display characteristics of being so much older and wiser than her age. She is mature so far beyond where she should be and continues to develop as a young woman through the Marked series as she experiences obstacle after obstacle while trying to make a home for herself and her friends.

And I even have an Honorable Mention: Kit Tyler – Witch of Blackbird Pond

I’ve loved this book for a long, long time. It was my favorite ever since I read it back in my 7th grade reading class. Kit was just this wonderful character. She had this free spirit that kept getting her into trouble and despite all the nature of the stifling community trying to change her, her spirit stayed with her. She loved everyone and found good qualities in all those that surrounded her. She even saves lives by being as non-judgmental as she is and I should fight to be more like her every day. I forget about her a lot, but every once in a while, she creeps back into my mind and reminds me about judging a book by it’s cover. =)

So, who am I missing?! What other great heroines are out there waiting for me to discover them? I have so many books I still need to read and I would love your suggestions for best heroines!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and are slightly warmer than I am! It’s only a frigid -5 degrees here!

Stay warm! I’ll update soon!!

❤ Kelly


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Heroines from Books

  1. Awwww man! You’ve just given me MORE books to add to my TBR. Thanks. Seems we do have a few in common, and they same to be pretty important once (or basically if someone does not at least mention Hermione I get a little suspicious of them). Nice list!


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