Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday!!!!!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by Broke and Bookish!

Alright, this should be an interesting one. Haha, the Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have…

1. I spend way too much money on my books.

Seriously, it’s a problem. Maybe if books cost what they used to when I was a child, I wouldn’t be checking my bank account constantly. Not only do I have Barnes & Noble to thank for this, but I also bought a ridiculous amount of books at the SJMaas signing and am expecting to buy a ridiculous amount of books at ApollyCon and BookCon… Praying to the money gods to rain on me…

2. I outgrow my bookshelves on a monthly basis.

I don’t have many, and I treasure all of my books so much that I rarely give them away or trade them. It is legitimately hard for me to even donate because I just want all of the books. ALL OF THEM! So, it eventually bleeds over into my shelves and dressers and room until I just look like I’m buried in the archives of a book somewhere…

3. I’m overly protective of my books.

For the hundredth time, NO YOU CAN NOT BORROW THEM! I’m even ridiculously cautious with the books that I have because I know that I’m a klutz. K-L-U-T-Z. KLUTZ!

4. I always find a reason to read.

I have work? NAHHHH it can wait. I have to teach? NAHHH I’ll teach it tomorrow. I have to sleep? NAHHHH I’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow. (This may be justttttt slightly over exaggerated, but you get the point!)

5. I lose sleep constantly.

I have stayed up until 10am… yes you heard that right… reading a good book. I can’t sleep when I’m really involved! I have to force my hands to put down the novel and turn out the light. Even then, I can never stop thinking about what I’m missing by not reading…

6. I get so involved in reading books that I drown out everything around me.

My mom. My boyfriend. My dogs. My dad. My friends. No one gets through! And then this is what happens when someone finally gets my attention… I’m lucky they all love me…

7. I come out of books not knowing what day it is, what time it is, where I am.


8. I get so obsessed with series books that I must read them immediately after the other.

I MUST KNOW HOW IT ENDS! This contributes to basically all of my problems: Money, sleep, blocking people out, etc. At least I am aware of the problem… even if I will never fix it…

9. I become SO involved with certain books that I’m trying to read them at red lights while driving…

This is dangerous kids; don’t try this at home.

10. I fangirl so much that my friends laugh at me.

Literally, Judith, Lauren, everyone else who laughs while I’ve fangirled. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

We all have our own quirks and these are some of mine! I’m sure that I have SO MANY other book related problems, but I want to hear some of yours! What problems do you face?!

Keep a lookout for a book hop post, a review on The Selection series by Kiera Cass, and a review on The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows! Stay tuned. =) They should all be up by next Monday!!!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! For those of you up north with me… Stay warm!

❤ Kelly

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. NO I HAVE NEVER EVER DONE #9 BECAUSE IT’S DANGEROUS AND BOOKS CAN CERTAINLY WAIT. (Can you hear my overly-defensive-because-I’ve-totally-done-that-tone through the interwebz? 😉

    Also, #8! I am totally a series binge reader! Sometimes with longer series I hit a rut and have to go back (Outlander #5 is staring at me from my bookshelf …), but once I get going I am so totally hooked. (Have you gotten Son of the Shadows yet?? A friend just lent it to me so that one is also staring at me…!)

    Great list, Kelly!


    • I’ve never even heard of Son of the Shadows!! Who is the author?

      Also, I CAN TOTALLY TELL THAT YOU ARE ON THE DEFENSIVE BECAUSE YOU TOTALLY DO THAT TOO! Pahahhahaha could you imagine both of us doing this at the same time while in the same area or same car? That could definitely be a disaster… =O !!!!


  2. I definitely relate to 1, 2, 3, and 8 (and the rest, too, but these the most!). I actually placed a semi book buying ban on myself because I was spending too much money and books and I have nowhere to put them! Now I limit myself to one book per month, and I have so far been sticking to it really well 😀 I am actually just about to buy some new bookshelves, which I am in DIRE NEED OF, because I feel so sad when I see piles of books on the floor. Not the preciouses!


    • Haha, as long as I don’t go to Barnes and Noble, I do pretty well with a book ban. I can’t just walk out of that place with a single book in hand! It’s usually AT LEAST three books. Last time it was seven… I’m on a book ban myself. I can’t get any new ones until I read the one’s I have!!! They’re all brand new and I just haven’t gotten to them yet. I’m so horrible… Well… I just remembered that I will be buying about ten new books… at least… at ApollyCon on Saturday so I guess my book ban is flying out the window!!! Haha, I count this as an exception though!


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